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Abbas Corporation (Pvt.) ltd - Lahore

Address: Gurumangat Rd, Lahore.
Contact: 0300 8488444
Services: Carpet Stores, Rug Stores, Carpet Dealer, Rug Dealer, Rug & Carpet Manufacturer

Saleem Carpets Wholesaler of Handmade Car - Lahore

Address: 10-Abbot Road, Lahore, Pakistan.
Contact: 0300-4631200
Services: Prayer Rugs, Skin Rugs, New Rugs, Old Rugs, Handmade Rugs, Handmade Carpets, Cotton Rug, Horse Rug

Pak Persian Carpets Pvt Ltd - Lahore

Address: 8 Davis Road, Lahore.
Contact: 042-36305217
Services: Antique Rugs, Wall Carpets, Prayer Carpets, Door Mats, Bathroom Mats, Carpet Tiles

Asiatics Group - Lahore

Address: 151- M, Shan Rd, Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate, Lahore.
Contact: 042-111-000-515
Services: Rug Manufacturers, Carpet Manufacturers, Rug Dealers, New & Use Rugs, Pakistani Rugs

Habib Carpets - Lahore

Address: 10 D,, 1 White House, Lahore, Pakistan.
Contact: 042-36366731
Services: Afghani Rug Dealers, Irani Rug Manufacturers, Rugs Importer, Rugs Exporters